Pishon Tours and Safaris

The name Pishon has been derived from a biblical terminology referring to a land endowed with precious Gems’ rich in Gold.

Pishon Tours and Safaris is one of Tanzania’s leading private tour operators, with a team of dedicated professionals with passion and love for their work.This young team at heart who love this part of Africa would spend sleepless night to ensure that each person who travels through the company, experiences the beauty of the place as our personal guest and as well as a cherished Tourist.

Pishon Tours and Safari boasts as one of the only Tour operators offering specialized itinerary which captures on the clients in put with a dedicated team varying from multi sectors ranging from guides to lingual experts and even medics.

Our company philosophy is one of quality of service and personal attention to each and every client. Despite significant growth of the company, it is still owner-managed and the owners take a personal interest in every tour right from the planning stage to completion. The clients comfort and safety is our number one priority! We make follow up on the clients well-being throughout the entire journey by getting feedback from our experienced field handlers at various destinations

The beauty of the bush and excitement of a safari are what makes an African safari such a magical experience

We give our clients a variety of opportunity to view nature in its virgin form by seeing sighting and interacting with the nature in practice

On a melodious memory, the name Pishon would Immediatelybring into your mind the images of nature such as wildlife, the sun, endless golden terrain endowed with precious Gems such as Gold, exotic flora and fauna, tropical sandy beaches, strong smiling people with mystical lifestyles and a diverse traditions from all corners of Africa. ​We pride ourselves in our personalized service. ​​

Our personalized flexible service has been the real key to our success.

We are also listed on SafariBookings.com , The world’s largest resource and leading authority for planning an African safari

Welcome to east Africa, our home, and let Pishon Tours make your safari a holiday of a lifetime!

Office Location

PPF Complex, Njiro Oloirien, Arusha – Tanzania
Commercial Block,
Shop No. 12
City – Arusha
Area code (s) 027
Country code +255
Plot No. 153/1, Block ‘KK’ Oloirien Area Arusha City.


You may pay us via Bank Transfer to our details as seen below;

Bank Name : NMB Bank Plc
Swift Code : NMIBTZTZ
Account Number : 42810007051
Account Currency : USD

NMB Branch : Arusha Business Centre Branch
Branch Code : 428
Branch Address : P. O. Box 632 Arusha, Tanzania
Bank Address : P. O. Box 9213, Ohio Street, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 27 254 5741